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01: SIZE; if your photos are bigger than 500 pixels wide, and/or stretch out the tables of the community, or you're posting multiple photos - please use an LJ-CUT tag, or suffer the consequences.
02: PHOTOS; this is a place for photography. art. not casual snapshots. (ie: pictures of your friend picking their nose at school.)
03: ALL TEXT; please do not post all text entries in this community, unless it is important (letting everyone know you won't be posting for a long time for _reason_, ect.). you're at risk for getting banned, and/or tortured if you do so.
04: INTRODUCE YOURSELF; when you join the community, post an entry telling us about yourself. :-) this isn't necesarry, but it's brownie points for you if you do.
05: NO SPAM; don't post here begging for people to go to your LJ/site, and comment, ect. it is highly annoying, and me and amanda will rip your head off, and shove it up your ass if you do.
07: NUDITY; tasteful nudity is allowed. no clit/cum/porn please. and, yes. we can tell the difference.
08: BE POLITE; keep bitchyness to a minimum. give constructive crticism, not cruel criticism. it's not wanted, it's not nice, and you might get banned if you break this rule.
09: TOO STRICT; "these rules are too strict! *SOBS* WHY WONT U LET MEH DO WUT I WUN!!!!!1????~/?!/1/1" .... sorry. we have to keep things in order here. if you don't like our rules, then go suck a fuck. :D



this community was started by
amanda, and mark on october 28th, 2003. we just decided we wanted a non-elite photo community, where people could post their photo-art, and get comments/constructive criticism/advice/ect. novice, intermediate, and advanced photographers are welcome. we don't discriminate. just follow the rules, and you should be ok. ;)